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Like most girls her age Kiki 18 dreams of finding a tall, dark and handsome guy to sweep her off of her feet. When her parents think she is studying for mid-terms she is looking up porn on the Internet and rubbing her tiny pussy.


Kiki 18 thinks it is kind of funny that boys think girls don’t dream of having sex. When her boyfriend caught her looking at porn he was shocked. He always thought girls hated porn. Boy was he wrong!

Now Kiki has her own web site to explore teen sex with. You can watch too with a password.

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Like most emo girls Kaira 18 is a bit of an emotional wreck. Part of me wonders if the first, and most important, criteria of being an emo girl is having a bi-polar disorder. That and split personalities!

Because of her lack of respect for herself Kaira 18 is often willing to do things other girls won’t. That is why she is developing a large fan base of the traditional emo/goth/punk rock fans and the more mainstream fans like you!

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