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Posted By admin on 02/09/13 - Bookmark Tic Toc Teen – Teen Solo Models

I found this sex video of a guy spying on his old lady, then getting caught, then having the tables turned on him on It reminded me of an experience I once had this a girl I was dating in high school. Only, back then we did have cheap, inexpensive recording devices. We had our brains.

This chick kept asking me if I masturbated and I didn’t know what her motives were so I kept saying no I didn’t. So one night we got real hot and heavy before I remembered I had to get my ass home early because I needed to take my mom somewhere before school started. Only… my mom didn’t need a ride and I didn’t need to go home.

Instead of going home I drove around the corner and hoofed my way back to her house. After creeping into the backyard I made my way over to her bedroom window and looked in. There she was on her bed rubbing that tight teen pussy of hers. I could hear her moaning my name like a banshee.

I whipped out my cock and started pumping trying to catch up with her, but she was already beginning a rather long orgasm. I moved away from her window and spanked my monkey intending to blow my sperm all over the wall of her house when the backyard light turned on out of nowhere right when my cock started shooting.

Things could have been worse. Her mom could have been the one turning on that light, but it was her. She said she had heard my spanking sounds after she came and realized somebody was jerking off outside her window. She also told me we were going to masturbate in front of each other the next night. I went home and spanked myself twice just thinking about it.

It is probably because of those days that I am hooked on teen sex videos from this site. It is like redoing all of my best experiences all over again. I just wish the Internet existed back then so I could have gotten tons of new material to use in the bedroom!

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